Mrs. Margaret Nice, our first nurse

Hurley Qi ’22

Mrs. Margaret Nice, who had been a nurse for twenty-seven years at Fort Bend Independent School District and at a large pediatric practice, joined the Strake Jesuit community as our first school nurse.

She loves to help people who are in need, including students.

“I love Strake Jesuit.  I love the people and the Jesuit Community, and I love being apart of the formation of young men,” Mrs. Nice said.

As the school nurse, she gives out medicine to students, manages the clinic, and takes care of all kinds of emergencies.

She has expanded clinics and laid the foundation of some health education programs.

Her biggest advice to students is to wash their hands, cover their coughs and sneezes, eat healthy, and refrain from alcohol and drugs.

As the mother of a student in the graduating class of 2016, Mrs. Nice is extremely excited to work with her fellow colleagues to serve the Strake Jesuit Community.

She loves to meet new students so make sure and drop by her office at Moran Hall first floor to say, “Hi”!