A laughing matter: ComedySportz

comedy sportz pic

Shawn Xie ’21

Can fruits be funny? The Strake Jesuit ComedySportz team can make even the simplest things like fruits humorous. On the evening of November 8, the Strake Jesuit-St.Agnes Comedy Sportz team competed against Houston Christian high school.

ComedySportz is an audience-judged interactive comedy show where two teams compete to make the audience laugh. The more laughs one team gets from the spectators, the more points it receives from the referee.

During the match, the referee will take audience suggestions for comedy topics. The teams will use these topics to create skits, including drama, songs, and games.

In the November 8 event, in which one of the topics was indeed fruit,  Strake Jesuit beat Houston Christian High School 15-12, by 3 points, securing a home win.

“Strake Jesuit and St.Agnes Comedysportz Program started in 2014 and this 5th season of the team,” said Mr.Sullivan, the faculty sponsor of the program.

There are about 10 games and many rehearsals after school throughout the season.

How does a student join the ComedySportz team?

“Tryouts are required for the team, and will occur in spring 2019 in order to have a spot in 2019-20 season,” Mr. Sullivan added.

Looking for a fun activity?  Joining our ComedySportz team will be fruitful.