Restore a senior privilege

Trey Duncan ’21

Last year’s schedule allowed for almost an hour long lunch period. With this lunch period came the privilege for seniors to have lunch off campus. Unfortunately, lunch this year has been reduced to around 25 minutes. Now seniors have lost the privilege to go off campus at any point in the school day.

The Seniors at Strake Jesuit should be allowed to go off campus during free periods

First, from last year to this year our seniors lost almost all privileges, such as being able to cut the lunch line or being able to go off campus during free time. Haven’t these seniors earned the trust and respect of the school community? The students who have spent the most time, money, and effort forwarding the mission of Strake Jesuit deserve at least a token of our gratitude.

Second, what would be the harm of reinstating this privilege? It existed for years at Strake Jesuit without issue. If something works, why change it? Seniors are close to becoming adults and can handle themselves in a responsible manner outside of campus that will not damage the school community or reputation. Besides, those who abuse the privilege can have it revoked.

Third, college life abounds in free time. If we are truly a college preparatory school, shouldn’t we make it as much like a college as possible for seniors? With their free time, college students are able go anywhere they want as long as they are on time for their next commitment, such as class. Our seniors can learn to use such freedom wisely here.

We should reward the students that have given so much to the school by restoring at lest one of their privileges. Let the seniors go off campus during their free periods.