Jesuit JV Water Polo win City Championship

Colton Dempsey ’20

Strake Jesuit JV water polo had an insane tournament weekend at Clear Creek, April 27 to 28.

JV Green went undefeated on day one, thanks to a powerful offensive game led by Tristan Glynn and the phenomenal Freshman Haydan Fetzer. The Junior Olympic goalie, Adam Wuthrich, propelled the impeccable Crusaders to grab the number-one seed for the Championship round on Saturday.

The first day for JV White was less smooth. Jesuit gave a valiant effort against Spring Branch and Memorial but suffered two losses. Even in the two losses, Cameron Welhoelter and Andrew Carrere shined with 6 combined goals and multiple defensive stops on the first day of the tournament.

On Saturday, JV Green continued to fight on and proved that they had what it took to win the Championship. Haydan Fetzer, a freshman who had only been playing for two weeks prior to the tournament, scored 4 goals against Spring Branch, sending Jesuit to the Championship game against Memorial!

The Jesuit White team played directly after this game, posting a hard-fought victory over Clear Creek. Quinn Riedle launched the offensive game to a fast start by scoring two goals before halftime. Jesuit was losing 2-4 at halftime, but they came out even more ferocious in the second half. Colton Dempsey scored his first career goal one minute into the third quarter and cut the lead down to a one-point difference. The Impressive Jesuit goalie duo of Ollie Ladnier and Nathan Joseph kept the game close all the way to the end. William Murphy also scored his first ever goal followed by Mark Poisler, which would tie up the game 5-5. As the contest continued, Quinn Riedle scored an impressive goal that would not only put Jesuit on top, but would also be his first career hat trick in water polo (3 goals). JV White came out on top, 6-5. 

However, the JV White lost its final game of the tournament to North Shore, 3-14, despite good goal tending by Nathan Joseph and Ollie Ladnier.

Finally, Championship game arrived, against Memorial. The crowd was buzzing as the JV Green team got in the pool to warm up. As the starting whistle blew, Jesuit was off to the races. Haydan Fetzer continued to impress with 2 goals early on. Ernesto Loera and Tristan Glynn also added on to the lead with 2 more goals. As halftime began to come closer, Jesuit was up 4-3. But before the buzzer could ring, goalie, Adam Wuthrich shot from full court and the ball sailed into the goal to close the half 5-3. The second half had the same trend as the first. Drew Bevington and Haydan Fetzer dominated on the offensive front, and Jesuit wont the championship game, 7-6!! Jesuit Green went 4-0 in the tournament to bring home the title of “JV City Champions.”