Easy Ways to Care for the Environment


Ian Gere ’20

Caring for the environment can seem just as simple as recycling a plastic bottle. Actually you have more options to caring for this earth that are easy and beneficial: 


  1. Have a vegetarian or vegan day!

I know people love their meat, but greenhouse gases are a large part in our earth’s pollution. So even one day without the consumption of meat can help, and maybe this one a day could turn into a numerous amount of vegetarian/vegan days. It also takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, so without meat for a day you could save so much water with just simply choosing the veggie burger over the beef burger.


  1. RECYLE Glass!

Glass can take up to a million years to breakdown. Yup you read that right: you can die and that coke bottle you threw away last week could still be here decomposing for many millennia. Recycling glass reduces water pollution up to 50%, and air related pollution by 20%. So it’s safe to say recycling one bottle of glass can do so much.


  1. Shorten your Shower Time!

Now we all love to sing in the shower and pretend we’re on our US national tour with Beyoncé, no? Just me? Anyways, cutting down shower time by two minutes can save more than 10 gallons of water.


  1. Stop it with the plastic bags!

I know sometimes it’s hard to remember to bring reusable bag when shopping, but plastic bags at store aren’t biodegradable. When thrown away they end up polluting landfills, ending up in the ocean and affecting wildlife. So please set a reminder on your phone to bring your reusable bags. Think of all the wildlife you’d save.


  1. Do not use straws!

Each day in American 500 million straws are used and thrown away, but straws aren’t recyclable so where do they end up? Polluting the ocean. An easy way to stop this pollution is to just avoid plastic straws at all cost. If you love using a straw then invest in a reusable straw. Then you can always have a straw on the go. Just remember to avoid using plastic straws. There’s so little but can cause so much damage to our earth.


  1. Spread the word!

Yes, it is amazing to follow these rules, but think of having your entire family caring for the environment, your friends, and your whole community. This is our planet, but we can’t forget that we share it with millions of species. Caring for the planet is something we can’t look over. We have one shot to keep this planet clean, so don’t waste your chance. Spread the word that we HAVE to keep our earth clean.