New website for SJ clubs

Ignacio Nieto ’20

A senior, Kavi Thiagarajan, recently created a school website, SJ Club Communications (, which improves the operation of clubs at Strake Jesuit.

With the new website, students can browse existing clubs, provide updates, enter comments, add clubs, or edit existing club information.

After developing a workable idea for the website, Kavi conferred with computer science instructor Mr. Baula. They worked together on the project for a full semester until they achieved the final result and set up the website, which has now gone live.

How is the website useful? It efficiently organizes information about clubs and has improved the logistics for starting new ones. In addition, it has enhanced student engagement in their clubs by making it easy to post messages that give members accurate, current information. The website is designed for students actively involved in clubs or eager to start one.

Kavi’s creation shows how a student can use his talent, time, and effort to improve a community.