Strake Jesuit STUCO


Ignacio Nieto ‘20

For many years, our Student Council (STUCO) has been the influential voice of our students. In fact, the Strake Jesuit community would not be the same without it. It is composed of students elected from each class and now even from each house. Student Council members represent the larger student body’s interests in cooperation with the administration. In addition, they coordinate the logistics and setup of many important events throughout the year. The club offers a great experience for students who want to impact the school (and improve their resumé). I interviewed Ms. Batchelor, who has been the moderator of STUCO for the past two years.

When was STUCO first created?
Student Council has been an active club at Strake Jesuit for many years. I’m unsure of the exact year it was created, but I know that Student Council certainly preceded me. I have been the moderator for two years.

How does STUCO play a larger role in our school and impact student life?
Student Council provides unique leadership opportunities for students who are interested in getting involved. Students are able to plan events, brainstorm ideas, and discuss possible changes to our campus. Most students don’t realize this, but Student Council meetings are open to all students. Anyone at Strake Jesuit is welcome to attend. Also, if students have ideas or concerns, that are suitable for Student Council to address, please see Student Council representatives. We want your voices to be heard!

Student Council plans and executes events like pep-rallies, prom, homecoming, food trucks, field day, and elections. Hopefully, these events enhance student life at Strake Jesuit through fun and meaningful experiences. The Student Council invests a great deal of effort behind the scenes to ensure that events run smoothly and that the student body’s interests are represented well.

What are some of the most important changes STUCO has made in the past few years?
This last year, we rewrote the bylaws for Student Council to reflect our house system. This has a few advantages, especially from a programming standpoint. Student Council members are now able to meet by grade level or by house. By changing the bylaws to reflect the house system, we now have 12 representatives from each grade: three from each house. There is more room for getting involved in Student Council than there once was.

What are some things STUCO is working on right now?
Student Council is working on events for the spring semester like prom, pep rallies, field day, and possibly a talent show! We are excited about carrying on traditions like Field Day, and introducing some new activities as well.

What are your hopes for where STUCO will be in the future and the things they will have done?
I hope that Student Council will continue to be an energized group of students who are passionate about student life here at Strake Jesuit. Eventually, I hope we are able to give students even more ownership and that the entire club is completely student-led and student-focused.

STUCO is a highly proactive club within the community, without which many school-run activities could not happen. As a result, it requires full involvement from its members, who must regularly make room for this commitment. Along with its demands and responsibilities, STUCO definitely presents its fair share of benefits as well. It offers numerous opportunities for its members to develop leadership assets they can apply in life beyond their high school careers. The most devoted STUCO members tend to display a general competence and organization in many aspects of their lives. Overall, STUCO is one of Strake Jesuit’s greatest achievements, as far as the impressive things it can do with just a handful of its students.