Asian Student Union in the Works

Quinten Bright ’19

Did you know that even though the club fair has passed, clubs can still be created by students and officially sanctioned by the school? One such club, the Asian Student Union (ASU), is being created by Juniors Mathew Stacy and Jeffery Sun.

Their goal is to educate students on Asian culture and “serve the greater good of the school,” as Mathew told me. They plan to work with Asian charities alongside the Asian American Youth Giving Circle, which Jeffery is also a co-founder of.

The two founders of the ASU seemed unsure about a few things, but Jeffery told me they had “gotten past the first level of approval” and they assured me that they are in the process of developing the club.

“The club has been much more difficult to create than we had expected,” said Jeffery. They had gotten the idea for the club early in October, just before the club fair, and have been working to get the club started since.

Their club form says the goal is “To unite Asian students, and students of any race interested in Asian heritage.” Under their proposed activities not only service projects but also recreational activities, such as “Fun in Chinatown” and “Karaoke Night.”

How is this club different from other Strake Jesuit clubs? According to their club form, this club will try to have “fun activities for […] students of all races,” trying to open up their club to a large demographic, even educating students who wouldn’t regularly be interested in Asian heritage.

Although it hasn’t technically been established yet, there are many people already involved in this club. The club moderator is guidance counselor Yvette Simien, who has been teaching the (almost) weekly counseling class for the class of 2019. There are already 11 club members, not including the founders. The only thing left to do before anyone can participate is to get the school’s approval.