Devotion to Community: A Look at the Key Club

Graham McFarland ’19

Are you interested in helping those less fortunate and providing important service? Are you looking for a fulfilling club that will strengthen your college applications?

Though unfamiliar to many students, the Key Club has deep roots at Strake Jesuit. The Key Club is a national organization with various chapters across the country. Chapters branch out to help many areas and build a relationship through charitable service.

The Strake Jesuit Key Club make plans every month for community service projects, including drives and other charity events. Generally, the club aids an organization that is holding a drive by supplying them with materials. In addition to these monthly service efforts, proactive club members go out of the way to help the community through events such as sponsored marathon runs and tutoring. The goal of the club is to transform its members into key leaders, hence the name.

Ms. Rodriguez, a counselor and one of the club moderators, says the Key Club “encourages students who want to make a difference and help the community out, representing the school, if you’re willing to give up some of your time.” She is eager to see students have a better understanding of the Key Club and become interested. She discusses the importance of community in the club and the man-for-others value. Shane Pesek ‘19, a member entering his third year with the Key Club, says, “I am very thankful for my time at Key Club. It has helped me to be a grad at grad.” In addition, Shane notes the Key Club is a useful addition to any resumé for college applications.

Anyone who wants more information about the Key Club can email Ms. Rodriguez at