Cherished memories from Strake Jesuit


Andres Trevino ’17

It is hard to not make so many memories when you are at a place for four years, but the memories made at Strake Jesuit are different from any others. At Strake Jesuit we have had a opportunity to grow not only as students, but also as men. We have also made friends at Strake Jesuit that we will have for a lifetime. I spoke to a couple of seniors and asked them to tell me about their favorite memory from Strake Jesuit , and how it has shaped them as men for others.

My good friend and fellow senior Peter Vela told me that his favorite memory is of Mr. Patrick’s Physics and Chemistry class and all the good times shared in that class. He told me about how he met some of his best friends in that chemistry class and how it helped him grow academically and personally.

Next I talked to my friend and also fellow senior George Ikott. George has been a member of the football team since he was a freshman. When I asked him about his favorite memory from Strake Jesuit, I had a good idea of what his response would be. He told me that it was, of course, beating St. Thomas in football this year. He said, “We worked so hard that season to beat them. Every time we Play St. Thomas we know how much it means, the tradition is like no other.”

My favorite memory from Strake Jesuit will always be Mr. Hosty’s last day of classes. After fifty plus years of teaching, Mr. Hosty was greeted with a standing ovation from the entire school as he walked out of his classroom and out of the Zinnamon Hall. Mr. Hosty embodies what it means to be a man for others, and to see him celebrated like that was truly amazing to me. I was so happy to see the gigantic smile on his face.

Strake Jesuit has provided me with more than just and education, but also with a set of fond memories that will last a lifetime. I will forever be thankful for Strake Jesuit and all the opportunities it has given me. Once a Crusader, always a Crusader.