Annually Awesome: SJ Spring Fling

Chris Mattioli ’18

Strake Jesuit Spring Fling 2017 (March 5) was a hit! Kids and parents had a blast playing games, eating great food, and enjoying each other’s company.

Even though Spring Fling is fun and games, all the money raised will go to the one-third of students at Strake Jesuit on financial aid.

Students from many other schools came around for Strake’s Spring Fling because of how fun it is. There were games such as over and under, card games, and other fun activities. The hungry had a variety of foods to choose from.

Before the Spring festival, Strake Jesuit students had been selling books of raffle tickets. Selling enough of them by a certain date would earn a student a raffle holiday.  A homeroom that sold six or more books per student earned a pizza lunch. A variety of prizes, including pricey gift cards for top sellers, motivated the students to sell even more raffle books. Big raffled prizes like cars and televisions were given away. Not a bad return on an investment in a $20 book of tickets.

Moses Monty, a junior at Strake, has been coming to Spring Fling ever since he was little. Moses said, “Spring Fling is fun every year. Rain or shine doesn’t matter. I’ll be having fun. Out of all the games, my favorite is the over and under because it is such a gamble. Whenever I get hungry, I like to go for some spicy Asian food.” He is just one out of the many people who loved Strake Jesuit’s Spring Fling this year. Even though it did rain this year, it didn’t matter to Moses, who said it didn’t make a difference; it was still so much fun.

Liam Connor, also a junior at Jesuit, was cooking at the BBQ station with his little brother and father. Why did he cook rather than play games? He said, “I’ve played the games since I was little, and it is fun to kind of switch and cook for others. I love cooking BBQ, and It was good to know people liked my cooking. It was a fun experience to switch it up for once do something that the grown-ups do.” Liam might cook again for Spring Fling next year and even hold a game booth.

With many more Spring Flings yet to come, there will be more fun for everyone.