Crusaders March for Life in Washington D.C.

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John Lopez ’18

As the new year of 2017 began, a fight continued that started in 1973 with the Court decision of Roe vs. Wade, to legalize abortion. This year’s March for Life in Washington D.C. on January 27 was uniquely important because this year a majority of the Senate and House of Representatives is Pro-Life, and the President is also Pro-Life.

Following their Catholic beliefs, 11 Crusader students traveled to Washington D.C. for the March for Life to show their support for ending abortion. They were Carlos Cerda ’18, Henry Clark ’17, Andres Creixell ’19, Jordi Creixell ’18, Marco Creixell ’19, Daniel Farias-Perez ’18, George Lawrence ’17, Colton Marks ’18, Michael Martin ’17, Jacobo Nieto ’18, and Alexander Zamora ’18.

These young men were grateful to participate in the long fight against abortion. George Lawrence ’17 has gone all four years of his high-school life to the annual event. He said, “I’m filled with appreciation to be able to go with the Jesuits one last time before graduating to defend and show our support for the unborn.” Carlos Cerda ’18 has gone for three consecutive years and is exceptionally grateful to stand up for the lives of the most vulnerable children of God. These young men symbolize the Jesuit’s support to raise awareness and support the lives of those with no voice. 

These men came to the March for Life remembering the Pro-Life cause is the unborn. This is their story, and it has a right to be told. When asked why he joined the March, Carlos Cerda ’18 responded, “I came to the March to represent the millions of those who don’t even have an opportunity to represent their own lives. If we ignore our moral obligations to prevent this unknown national tragedy currently happening, then the blood is on my hands. We march so that women can have a baby in their arms instead of a child in the trash.”

Though only 11 people out of 650,000, the young men from Strake Jesuit expressed the unity and strength of the Pro-Life movement.