Music Preview – Day For Night Festival


Harrison Welsh ’17

The second year of the Houston sponsored light and sound festival, Day For Night, takes place on December 17-18, the weekend after finals. The festival’s music lineup includes artist of many different genres including Aphex Twin, Travis Scott, Run the Jewels, Blood Orange, Butthole Surfers, Thundercat, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and many more. This is one of the few music festivals that also includes high-quality visual shows which are prepared by professional visual artists such as Golan Levin, NONOTAK, Shoplifter, and Tundra, to name a few. Light and sound converge and create a unique experience for the thousands of guests who come from all over the world.

This festival is unlike any other because of its unconventional features that other fests don’t typically have. The event takes place in a series of buildings near downtown, which used to be a post office; it’s inside. There are very few other music festivals that take place indoors, but this opens up many new possibilities that couldn’t have happened outside. This expands the ability and creativity of the visual artists who are such a big part of the experience; these artists can work in dark and concealed rooms, opening up a whole new world for the artist.

The combination of the music and the light shows is something you won’t want to miss.

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