Halloween Freshman Costume Parade

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John Lopez ’18

As October came to a close, the Freshman Halloween Parade took place in the Competition Gym. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors were given a late start if they chose not to attend.

There was a parade for which freshmen were dressed up by Crusader Crew members, who came up with new and inventive ideas for costumes and ways to present them. Crusader Crew members gave the Freshman fantastic homemade costumes, ranging from paper Pac-Man shirts to clothing for Privates in the Army. There are more than 270 Freshman in the class of 2020, making this year the largest ever Freshman Halloween Parade.

Although last year’s parade was great, this year was fantastic. Michael Osborn ’17 said, “I think it was better because there was way more organization, and it felt like the leaders put a lot of efforts into really cool ideas this year.” Because there were more creative costumes this year compared to last, the spirit and joy in the freshman and the leaders only increased. For instance, Matt Rea ’17 and his freshmen were the last group to go. Rea cleverly told his freshmen to hide in the crowd with other freshman and had the judges play “Where’s Waldo.” This scheme won his group the award for creativity.

The Halloween Parade was great for freshman by making them  feel more welcome in a new environment. Matt Rea’ 17 said, “It lets the freshmen blow off some steam while they are still transitioning in and it’s just really cool to see what the Crusader Crew leaders come up with for costumes each year.” Cooper Carlile ’20 reflected, “I thought it was fine and it was enjoyable, I just wish we had more activities because I felt like a part of the community.” David Allas ’20 stated, “It was fun dressing up with other freshman and goofing off during a school morning. It was amusing to watch and to participate in, as it was truly a time to have fun.”

This year, the Halloween Parade was an overall success as there was more organization, higher spirits, and even more fantastic ideas compared to last year.

Videos of the event: