Museum of Fine Arts

Nick Stomberg ’18

Recently, I spent a day at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. It is located in the museum district at 5601 Main Street. I enjoy going there a few times each year, and I am always amazed at the collection of art we have right here in Houston. My favorite pieces of art to view every time I am there are their original pieces painted by Picasso and Monet. This last visit I was even able to find a few prints by them in the Museum shop. They are now framed and hanging in my room!

They currently have a traveling exhibit titled Sculpted in Steel: Art Deco Automobiles and Motorcycles from 1929-1940. If you are a car or art enthusiast I would highly recommend viewing this exhibit before it leaves on May 30, 2016. They have 14 cars and three motorcycles on show, all exhibiting the Art Deco design style that ruled fashion, architecture and transportation industries during this era. I noticed a lot of chrome detailing and that the cars were very sleek and appeared very heavy. This was obviously before the trend of today of having a compact and eco-friendly car. If you are a member this exhibit is free. For non-members the cost is $23.00.

Another thing I always find fascinating when viewing the art is what they consider to be pieces of fine “art.” I saw three pieces of art that consisted of a big red painted circle. It looked as if then the artist took a sharp tool and slashed the canvas. On one piece it has two cuts, the next had three cuts and the final piece had five cuts.

In addition to various painted pieces of art, the museum also has a lot of famous photographs, sculptures, pottery and other historical items from around the world. In the basement of the museum is a movie theater. My parents are a member of their Film Buff Club and love seeing various movies different from the ones you would find at your local theater. The Film Club also has various speakers come in and talk more in depth about the films and their meanings. If you enjoy seeing movies, you should consider seeing one at the museum. You do not have to be a member of the museum or in the club to see a movie. Dates, times and titles of the movies can be found here: . They even offer a $2 discount with a student ID.

Once you have recovered from your finals and the school year and you are looking for something entertaining to do, I would highly recommend a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. The variety of things they offer will appeal to almost any age with any level of interest in art. Parking is easy, and there are several other museums around that you can visit while there.