Micro Drones Can Spy on Terrorists, Undetected

Kevin Anga ’17

What do you know about new technology? Are you interested in drones at all? Well, there have been new technological developments in drones. In fact, a new one has been created smaller than a quarter! It is the size of a bee and known as the micro-drone. It’s an ideal tool to spy on terrorists anywhere in the world.

What’s so impressive about this drone? Well, the drones are so small that they are nearly impossible to spot, ultimately decreasing the chance of detection. This is a huge due to the fact that these micro-drones are 500 to 1000 times smaller than the drones that are currently being used by the United States military. Because they are 500 to 1000 times smaller, they use 500 to 1000 times less battery power/energy than the drones currently in use. Therefore, the drones can travel distances much greater and work for a lot longer than they can today. These mini drones are extremely beneficial and efficient. Their efficiency is a huge benefit for the American military. The military will now be a lot more capable and apt to track down terrorists and spy on terrorist operations, making it easier to prevent future terrorist attacks not only in America but around the world.

Another perk that these micro-drones possess would be that they can attach to the bottom of leaves and act as hidden cameras. “When you wrap a balloon on a wool sweater, the balloon becomes negatively charged,” said Moritz Graule, a graduate mechanical engineering student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “The negative charge forces away some of the positive charges and then you have attraction, and the balloon sticks to the wall.” They would be virtually impossible to see and they could be strategically located near terrorist organizations or in a territory owned by terrorists. The micro-drones could attach to virtually any surface and stay stationary for extended periods of time. The mini drones would be used as stationary cameras to oversee terrorist operations. What is very impressive is that they don’t attach to surfaces with adhesives or magnetics, but instead with an electromagnetic adhesion. This uses extremely minute amounts of energy which is very efficient, and it can stick for as long as it still has energy. Adhesives would come off eventually, or they would stay stuck, but what the mini drones use stays on and can be activated or deactivated as needed by the military, it is all controlled by the operator of the drone.

These drones are going to be extremely useful and beneficial to the US military. Their small size, efficient use of energy, and adhesive properties make these drones a lot more useful than the current drones used by our military.