How to study smart for your finals

Michael Donlon ’17

Finals are hard for everyone. Everyone studies all day for a week. During this time, life is all about finals.

Many people have many different ways to study for these exams, typically at least 5 exams in one week, often two a day. This can be extremely stressful because you have to study a semester’s worth of material for two classes in only a couple days. So I hit the hallways during dead day to see how my classmates were dealing with finals.

The first person I ran into was RC Renberg, a junior and with ample experience taking finals. When I asked RC about he prepares for them, he said “I look over my reviews and old tests.” This is probably the most popular method to study for finals. Most teachers pull most of their information from their old tests. If you study these, you boost your odds for do well.

Also, the reviews are extremely important to help you with finals. If you study the review material from your teacher constantly and memorize it all you are likely to dowell on the final.

Next I spoke to Michael Purvey. When I asked Mike how he studied, he said, “I usually go over to my friend’s house and study. I like it ’cause you become better friends with the person you study with and you can have fun while studying.” This is another popular way to study. Having other people’s perspective while studying is always a good thing. Also the people you are studying with may have more materials then you do. This can benefit you in many ways. Also it can make studying fun being with you friends. It can make studying go by faster and it can also be more productive. Studying with friends is always a good option.

The next person I went to was Christian Gomez. When asked what he does, he said “I study old homework and class work to relearn the material.” This is another good way to do well. Relearning all the material can be really beneficial. If you relearn all of the material, you will obviously know all of the content on the final and do well. Christian also studied online material that he did in class to master oceanography, for example. He said this has helped a lot and gives him hope he will do well on the final.

 All of these methods should help you do well if you use them correctly you should have success with your finals.  Good luck!