Coeducation in small doses

Michael Donlon ’17

Strake Jesuit has been and will most likely always be an all-boys school. However, you still have the option to take classes at St. Agnes that are not offered to us on our campus. Similarly, girls at St. Agnes often take a foreign language or some type of science at Strake Jesuit. What is it like for these girls who study at Jesuit? Do they like it? Should Strake Jesuit students take St. Agnes classes? I hit the streets and hallways to figure it all out.

The first St. Agnes girl I ran into was Abbey Rank, who takes Spanish 4 this year. When I asked if she liked it, she responded, “Yes I do. I like it because it offers courses that St. Agnes doesn’t have and allows me to expand my horizons.” It is nice to know Strake provides classes to St. Agnes girls, who wouldn’t be able to take the class without us. I then asked senior Sarah Boatwright, who is taking AP Environmental Science with Mrs. Jamerlan. When asked if she liked going to class at Strake she responded, “Yes I do. It allows me to get some extra steps in. Sometimes, though, I run into people I don’t really want to see, like you.” Although this hurts, it is a reasonable response. Some girls do not take classes here because they do not want to walk all the way across the parking lot or have encounters with Jesuit guys. This also applies to Jesuit students. Should we venture over to St. Agnes?

Although Strake Jesuit does not really require any of its students to take a class over at St. Agnes, most do. I suggest you should. I know that it might be awkward to go over to St. Agnes with all girls and have to talk to them or otherwise interact with them in class, but it is worth it. Some of the classes at St. Agnes are really cool–like Introduction to Law , Vocal Performance, and Drawing–and can really help you learn new and interesting things–and you get credit! It’s always an option, one you should try. So next time you fill out a course worksheet, see if there are any classes at St. Agnes you would like to take.