Taking God to College Program for Seniors

Gunther Spore ’16

The annual tradition of Taking God to College was continued this year on May 9 with the class of 2016.

Starting with a short mass in the Parsley Center with a special return appearance from Father Bravo, it was followed up by a series of speakers from the class of 2016 and 2017. They addressed the effect of what their time at Jesuit meant to them as well as a few of their favorite memories from their high school years.

After the speakers were done the mic was opened up to class of 2016 and any senior who wished to could participate and share his favorite memories.

Then the seniors headed over to the Dinning hall for a very early bbq lunch sponsored by the Alumni association.

Before lunch was served Mr. Mann put together a short slideshow of pictures of the class of 2016’s time at Strake Jesuit, starting with some very funny pictures from freshman year. It progressed through this year, touching on some of the sports teams’ successes and finishing with pictures from Kairos.

After the slideshow lunch was served and immediately following that Mr. Logo took the stage and gave a short speech regarding some of his memories from his time at Strake Jesuit and talking to the class of 2016 about what our school means to him. After the talk Mr. Logo dismissed the Seniors for the second to last time (we still have graduation) and the last day of classes for the class of 2016 concluded.

Shortly after the program Jacob Monty said it was “really interesting and was a nice way  to conclude our time at Strake.” Braden Smith added, “Mr. Lojo telling us we all have a home at Strake even though we’re leaving was a really thoughtful and kind thing to say to us.” All in all, Taking God to college was a success and a nice way to conclude our “final day” at Strake Jesuit.