Big Moves: Texans Off-season Acquisitions

Gunther Spore ’16

This offseason the Houston Texans made some big moves in the free agency that had fans singing GM Rick Smith’s praises.

To start off, in early March, long time RB Arian Foster, TE Garrett Graham, and Safety Rahim Moore were cut from the team. This allowed for some much-needed cap space to emerge.  Before the free agency opened up, the Texans resigned Guard/Tackle Jeff Adams and CB Charles James. The massive 6’7”, three-hundred and five pound Jeff Adams emerged as the starting Left Guard at the beginning of the season but suffered a season-ending injury in the second game against the Carolina Panthers.

When the free agency opened up the Texans quickly signed QB Brock Osweiler to a four-year seventy-two million dollar contract. Hopefully Osweiler is the answer to countless Texan’s fans’ prayers for a solid franchise QB. After the circus last season and the scary memories from the end of the Schaub era, there are high hopes for Osweiler.  

After Osweiler the Texans made moves and got Miami Dolphins RB Lamar Miller to a four-year twenty-six million dollar contract. Miller is the answer to the Texans’ running back problems they have been plagued with the past few seasons. Arian Foster was, in my opinion, a one hit wonder.  In 2010 Foster exploded and averaged one hundred and one yards a game and almost five yards per carry for the season. For the next five seasons Foster was plagued by nagging injuries and poor performances, which made his release a no brainer.

All of these offseason moves ultimately lead to one thing, the draft. Picking up Osweiler and Miller (hopefully) fixes the biggest problems facing the Texans. Now because these positions have been filled, the Texans can go look at positions they are weak at and draft players to help shore up those spots. I think it would be wise for the Texans to go after a wide receiver. Being able to spread the field between Deandre Hopkins, Nate Washington, Lamar Miller, and a first round wide receiver could lead to an extremely dangerous offense. There is really no need for the Texans to draft a defensive player this year in the first round because of all the weapons on defense. Also considering five out of the past drafts the Texans have selected a defensive player in the first round, it might be time to switch focus from the defensive side of the ball to the offensive.

The Texan’s future looks very bright. The have shored up major weaknesses in their offense and pose a very real threat to be a contender next year in the National Football League.