Movie Review: Batman vs. Superman

Nick Stomberg ’18

This past Saturday, I watched Batman vs. Superman and really enjoyed the film. The movie focuses on two of DC’s biggest superheroes and their personal lives and backgrounds.

This movie did an amazing job of giving two perspectives of the same situation. Batman sees Superman as a creature from another planet who thinks he can do whatever he wants. He sees no end to Superman’s destruction and knows that he is the only one capable of stopping Superman. From Batman’s perspective, it does look as if superman is a selfish guy who just shows off his power and does not care for human life. Superman only knows of Batman and does not consider him a serious threat worth bothering about. When they finally meet, the two foes engage in the fight of the century, “Bat of Gotham Vs. Son of Krypton” as Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) says in the film.

There are many upcoming movies in the DC universe, some of which are the Justice League, The Flash and Aquaman. Batman vs. Superman gives insight as to who those characters are and what they are capable of and is a must see for any superhero fans and those who enjoy action. They storyline links other movies and future movies together, and you can not miss it and keep up. This was a huge part of the DC franchise and rivals the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War. The DC universe is trying to create a franchise much like Marvel but are known for their dark and surprising films. Batman vs. Superman has grossed 851 million dollars over a few weeks, which is a huge start to the series.

Although it may appear as if the movie revolves around the two superheroes fighting to the death, there is a true villain which combines the forces. He is Lex Luthor, one of Superman’s most infamous foes all the way back to the comics. He secretly organizes the brawl in order to kill Superman and slake his hatred of the man and his envy of power.  Thus, he creates a monster who seems invincible. They try killing him a number of ways, before resorting to Kryptonite. They even hit him with an atomic bomb, which just makes him more powerful!

This film was advertised everywhere for a reason and is a great flick to watch with anyone. I really recommend you see it because it will help you better understand what is to come in the series.