Go Kart Review

James Davis ’18

Throughout Houston there are many different places to Go-Kart including Track 21, K1 Speed, and Speedys Fast Track. All of these places are high quality and have fast high quality karts. In Houston the amount of entertainment has skyrocketed with the amount of new attractions including Top Golf and IFly Indoor Skydiving. The go-karting industry has taken a hit but these select tracks have held strong and are still attracted more and more drivers.

Track 21 is one of the leading indoor go-karting tracks in Houston. They were established in 2004 and have stretched the boundaries in the go-merging experience. Track 21 is composed of a 8,000 square foot laser tag arena, a nine hole miniature golf course, and two race tracks in one huge facility. Track 21 is perfect for all ages because it allows for room to grow and for many people to try different activities to see what they truly enjoy. Once you have established what you enjoy, you can stay and compete with many other racers or competitors. Track 21s philosophy is that they want everyone to experience the excitement driven by taking the wheel of a fast and powerful go-kart. Track 21 is a great opportunity for people of all ages as the have karts that can travel up to 45 miles per hour and they also have karts that are made for younger kids to explore their racing side.

K1 Speed is also one of the top indoor tracks in the nation with more than 20 locations nationwide with many others opening soon. K1 offers one of the premier karting experiences for all ages and has one location in Houston and several throughout Texas. K1 has fast and powerful electric powered go karts and world class tracks. K1 also has venues that racers can enjoy after their races like pool, cafes, and racing memorabilia. Because of K1 the popularity of go-kart racing has increased a lot with all of their nationwide locations.

Speedy’s Fast Track is a premier karting track in Houston that has one of the largest outdoor tracks for go-karting. Speedy’s was voted best track by The Houston Press Newspaper and for good reason. Speedy’s not only offers a premier karting experience but also offers an arcade, miniature golf, and laser tag. With fast and powerful karts speedy’s gives you the most bang for your buck. With some of the lowest prices in Houston, Speedy’s is truly unbeatable.