Freshman Athletes Thrive on Sophomore Baseball Team

Luke Orth ’18

As the season of spring comes around every year, one thing is absolute, and that is baseball season. For Strake Jesuit’s freshman, this is the first time that they can have the chance to represent their high school in the sport of baseball, on the sophomore team. Although called the sophomore team, it is made up entirely of freshman student athletes. With Coach Garcia, this year’s team showed great promise for the future of Jesuit baseball.

With an overall 11-4-1 record, the team has shown that they are there to play and to win. When asked about the team’s development this season, Coach Garcia replied, “As they came here, not a lot of them knew each other. Now, you have a kind of family being built. You take care of the guy when he doesn’t do well or something happens to him. The next guy is there to pick him up.” With this strong feeling of teamwork, it is no surprise that the team has progressed throughout the season with a current winning record. Additionally, Coach Garcia said, “They were all, at one time, the best player on their team. Now all those players have come together.” What is often times the most challenging part in coaching a team that has never played together seemed to be easily overcome by this year’s freshman.

The obstacles that were in the way of the sophomore team have been conquered with great teamwork and coaching. In regard to hard work, Coach Garcia comments, “It’s pretty tough on them when they first get out there. It’s a big change.” He then adds, “They have a lot of great work ethic going forward.” Finally, when asked what makes a team successful, Coach Garcia responded, “It’s not being selfish. This is a team game. We have the motto for the school, being men for others. I think that’s where they’ve grown a lot.” Grown as they have, the sophomore baseball team provides Strake Jesuit with an exciting hope for the future.