White Oak Music Hall Opening

Harrison Welsh ’17

There is a new concert venue in Houston. White Oak Music Hall had its debut show on April 9, this past Saturday, which blew the minds of hundreds of viewers. This venue has been under construction for the past year and a half. It is not quite finished yet, but the main stage is up and running. The opening of White Oak is a big event for the music lovers of Houston because it will attract lots of new mid sized bands to our city. White Oak is a new, incredible, and decent sized venue, at which many different kinds of bands will want to play.

The main stage is one like no other in Houston. First of all, the entire floor of the general admission section is covered with grass, which gives it a festival-like feel, but of course without a full festival. The space is very spread out and open: above is nothing but sky. There is no roof, as of now, making the debut night incredible.  The sound of the PA is as good as it gets, the largeness of the stage allows for immense capabilities in which allows for an immense variety of stage designs, and the stage is lifted to a point where you can see the performers from wherever you are. Basically what I’m saying is, is that this venue is as good as gets; there are no flaws or bad aspects in regards to the experience of the viewers.

The electronic rock band widely known as M83, the perfect group to play for the first show, performed. This band released their new album, “Junk,” the day before the show; it was the band’s first show for their “Junk” tour as well. There were lots of firsts on this night. M83’s new album is highly influenced by the era of the 80’s, including lots of grooving beats with ridiculously catchy chord progressions and glorious melodies. The show constantly changed back and forth from slow and deep songs to fast and up-beat music that just makes you want to dance. To close it all out, M83 played their infamous track “Midnight City,” which had the whole venue going crazy.

M83 was able to play their first show of the tour on the debut of White Oak Music Hall; this was a special night that doesn’t happen very often. White Oak has a bright future; its web site lists the bands already lined up to play there. If you were not at the debut show, do not worry; White Oak has just begun. I strongly recommend you to check it out.