Students take sides in Presidential election

Rick Clark ’17

As it becomes closer and closer to election season, many seniors and some juniors will be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The major party candidates have a wide variety of views  on many of the nation’s most troubling issues.

I asked a group of 20 juniors, Democrat and Republican, for their viewpoints on the best candidate for in the upcoming presidential election. Of the student’s that said they would vote Republican, the vast majority of them said they would vote for Donald Trump, while the remaining students claimed they would give their votes to Ted Cruz. This is in-line with the results of the majority of the caucuses that have taken place. Interestingly, of the students that said they would vote Democrat, all of them claimed they would vote for Bernie Sanders.

I interviewed Peter Vela and Spencer O’Connor of the class of 2017 about their individual viewpoints and whom they would give their support to.

If you were to vote in the upcoming presidential election, whom would you vote for, and why?

Peter Vela – “Considering the candidates left in the upcoming election, I would vote for Bernie Sanders. I would vote for Bernie because I agree with his stances on the majority of the issues he plans on addressing such as immigration, climate change, and education. Other candidates have drastically unrealistic solutions to these problems and I feel that Bernie Sanders’s plan is the best. The most important issue to me would be free tuition at public colleges and universities because I see education as a universal necessity and many people across the country have the potential to go to college but not the finances.”

Spencer O’Connor – “I have the ability to vote in the 2016 presidential election, which to me, means a lot. Because of this, I have though a lot about who I should vote for. With things going the way they are, I think I will vote for Trump. I would vote for Trump mainly because Hillary Clinton is surrounded by scandal, and Bernie Sanders is a socialist.”