Becoming hyper-allergic to schoolwork is called . . . Senioritis!

Michael Donlon ’17

We all have those days. “Those days” that I’m talking about are the days when we are feeling just a little bit lazier than usual. We come home from a long day of school. Sometimes we even play sports after school.

We get home and simply lie in our bed. We turn on Netflix and close our eyes for a “quick minute”. This “quick minute” then turns into a nice solid three-hour nap. We wake up from the nap thinking, “Should we do our homework or watch Netflix?” The answer every time is Netflix. Why do homework when Netflix just added a new season of your favorite TV show?

This extreme laziness is called by most Senioritis. It is obviously called Senioritis because mostly seniors have this “disease.” Those college acceptances roll in, and all of a sudden you find yourself not really caring anymore. Netflix becomes more important than school, In fact, almost anything becomes more important than school.

Some people still don’t believe in Senioritis. They think we are just getting lazier as a society. Well, I hit the hallways and Twitter to find out. I walked around SJ and found a few of my senior pals and asked them the important question, “Is Senioritis real?”

Douglas Whitson responded, “Yes.” This short answer and lack of effort to explain himself further just shows how bad Senioritis really is. Then I went to my former fellow basketball player Elliot Eyring, and he responded, “Yeah I’ve definitely gotten lazier senior year. My schedule is pretty easy so I can afford to be a little lazier.” Also, I did a Twitter survey in which 87% of 82 votes all agreed that Senioritis is real.

So what is the cause of this Senioritis, and is it real? Almost every person I asked said it was real. They aren’t sure what causes Senioritis, though.

The easiest way to explain Senioritis is college. Every senior is anxious about what college holds for them and what they will do after. They know there will be a lot of pressure and anxiety in college, so they are trying to relax and take it easy while they still can.

Another reason is most seniors are already into college and know where the want to go. They have a huge load off their shoulders and just want to relax and enjoy their time with their high school friends for the last couple of months they see them.

Yes Senioritis is real and in full affect. Not everyone has Senioritis, but most do. If you have it don’t worry cause you aren’t the only one. Just remember to finesse and everything will be fine.