Wake Nation: Review

James Davis ’18

In Houston there is a new type of entertainment on the rise, cable wakeboarding. It is like water-skiing, but on a single wakeboard. Also, instead of being pulled by a boat, the rider is pulled by an overhead cable.

Wake Nation is a new facility just outside Houston that has attracted people of all skills levels to this sport. They offer cable wakeboarding, paintball, the ropes course, water trampoline, and an aqua slide. Wake Nation has a cable system that is on a lake, offering endless fun for boarders of all levels. They have two cable systems, one small system for beginners to experience the rush of wakeboarding and a long cable system with rails and jumps all around the lake. Professionals can offer step-by-step assistance to beginners and can also give tips to the experienced riders. Wake Nation is truly a special place for all to enjoy the rush of wake boarding.  

The newest editions to Wake Nation is their paintball and their ropes course. Wake Nation has two paintball fields packed full of obstacles. Their fields offer the perfect space for corporate events, birthdays, and any other event that you can think of. Wake Nations high ropes course is a great attraction for people of all ages. This is one of their newest editions to the Wake Nation facility. This ropes course is sure to get the adrenaline pumping, as it sits more than twenty five feet in the air. As you enjoy the ropes course you have a great view of all of the Wake Nation lake and paintball  arena.

About three years ago one of my classmates and I decided to test out wake boarding. After some researching we decided that Wake Nation was the most convenient and the most exciting wake boarding area in Houston. As we arrived at Wake Nation we discovered a large lake with cables running around it and people wake boarding all around. Immediately we went inside and rented a wakeboard, life jacket, and a helmet. We then set out for the beginners cable where we learned the basics of wakeboarding and were given one-on-one instruction. Once we started to understand the basics we moved on to the large wire which stretched all the way around the lake. As we began, we found that the cable was moving much faster. After several hard falls we finally got the hang of it, and we had tons of fun riding around the lake for close to an hour. Wake Nation is truly a great place for somebody to learn and enjoy wakeboarding.