Teacher Profile: Ms. Rueby

Michael Donlon ’17

Ms. Rueby joined the Strake Jesuit staff this year. She was born and raised in Kingwood, Texas and went to Kingwood High School, where she played cello in the school orchestra

She also played lacrosse in high school and a little bit at Texas State University, where she majored in Math.

Ms. Rueby enjoys hiking and outdoor activities. Recently, she went for a whole month on a religious hike with her mother.

She also is a big dog lover and has one of her own. She also has two chickens, which she uses to get her eggs.

Ms. Rueby joined the staff this year and now teaches Algebra II and AC Geometry. She enjoys teaching Algebra II more than AC Geometry, though. About Strake Jesuit, Ms. Rueby said, “I really enjoy the culture here. Students are always trying to get better and are extremely nice and work hard in everything they do. It makes my job a lot easier to handle and made my first year more rewarding and beneficial.” She also enjoys the hard work of her colleagues. “My coworkers are the same as the students,” she pointed out. “They work extremely hard and do anything for the students, which has taught me a lot.”

Thus, Ms. Rueby is the typical Crusader teacher in that she loves the Strake Jesuit experience and wants to stay here for a long time. She says the transition was easy to teach at Strake Jesuit because of the attitude of the boys.

This is a common theme for new teachers at Strake Jesuit.  For example, Coach Baskin agreed with Ms. Rueby, “The transition was just so easy, especially for a new teacher like me. I was nervous because it was my first year teaching, but the Strake Jesuit community helped me and accepted me.” Like Ms. Rueby, Coach Baskin said it just keeps getting easier and easier to work at Strake because he is getting the hang of things. He also thanks his co-workers for helping him get through the first semester, “I would not have been as easy without the help of my coworkers and staff. They truly made the process so much easier.”

Because it is a rewarding place to work, Strake Jesuit is likely to benefit from the efforts of teachers like Ms. Rueby and Coach Baskin for years to come.