Athletes for Others

Kevin Anga ’17

One of the many things that Strake Jesuit is known for is our phenomenal varsity basketballĀ team. Every year they show out, and this year was no different. So far,our crusaders have had an amazing season led by seniors Nate West and Derrick Alston. Not only do we have great players, but our coaching staff also plays a vital part in the athletes success on and off the court.

What sets us apart from other schools and teams is our service to the community. Being a Strake Jesuit student means being a man for others, and in many ways, our Strake Jesuit basketball team has done just that. About Community Service Activities, Head Coach Amorosa said, “We have partnered with the Down Syndrome Association for Buddy Bowling, Buddy Basketball, and have volunteered at their Club 21 dances. We adopted a family at Christmas time and went on a shopping spree to purchase presents for the kids. We collected money for Points Against Cancer organization at a recent game.”

Not only do our basketball players have to meet physical requirements, they also must meet academic ones as well. The basketball coaches have high expectations for their players. Coach Amorosa noted, “We expect them to leave places better than they found them. We want them to be actively involved in the student body, represent our program the right way and take advantage of the things that Strake Jesuit offers them. Academically, we want our players to manage their workloads, perform to the best of their ability and juggle the responsibilities of being a student athlete. I believe that the structure of academics combined with playing athletics creates life-long habits that will serve our players well in their future lives as husbands, fathers, CEO’s and members of the greater community.”

A key component to a teams success is compatibility. You can tell that our basketball team is a brotherhood just by looking at them. Win or lose, the coaching staff makes sure that the athletes know that the game is more than who can score the most points. By stressing core values such as selflessness and hard work, our team has grown to be consistent, as one of the best in district play. “We try to teach them about building the right habits, appreciating the process, becoming a great teammate, giving up their egos for the sake of the team, and loving their teammates. At the end of their careers, they won’t remember the individual practices or games, but we hope that they remembers the relationships they’ve built with their teammates and coaches. Basketball is a small part of their development as men.”

The season continues as the Crusaders march into the playoffs. Come out and support them. Green out. Go Crusaders!