iPic movie theater review

Nick Stomberg ’18

iPic is a new movie theater located inside a brand new shopping center in River Oaks. Because it is surrounded by expensive clothing stores, such as Hermes, Tom Ford, and Moncler, one would expect the theater to be as nice as possible, and it is.

Ipic currently has about 10 locations across the U.S. All the theaters are big hits as they offer an experience like watching a movie at home but with more comfort and better food.

Tickets range from $16.00 to $28.00, depending on which experience you would like. The premium seats are extremely comfortable and come with a table for your meal. The premium plus seats are the same seats, but they recline for even more comfort. With a spinning table that combines comfort and easy snacking, you feel like you’re in heaven. The tickets also come with complimentary popcorn and a waiter. So if you’re feeling like ordering some food or drinks, your server will bring it to you.

The food varies from salads to sliders to desserts. With many options, I went with a pulled pork sandwich, and it was amazing. For dessert, I got an ambrosia, which was delicious. Give this restaurant 5 stars!

I went to see Spectre at iPic in the fall, and now I see all my movies there. Not having to get up to get anything has become a necessity. One of my favorite parts is how you can snack at anytime. If you want a drink now and some candy later, you can do so. The choice is yours, and all without missing the movie you paid to see.

Going to a “normal” movie theater just doesn’t feel right anymore. Having to get up to get something or sitting in their uncomfortable and often unsanitary seats is not relaxing. Also, one of the most hated features about a movie theater is the restrooms. They are always dirty and full of people. At Ipic, they modernized the theater restrooms and clean them constantly.

I really recommend going iPic. The extra money is definitely worth the experience. The food is great, the restrooms are clean and modern, and the seats are comfortable. What is not to love? Getting a membership will reduce the tickets about five to ten dollars, saving you money in the long run.