How Students Can use their Smartphones to improve their grades

Rick Clark ’17

iPhones and Androids are the mainstream smartphones on the market. Almost every Jesuit student has one of these, but very few use them to their full capabilities for their schoolwork. Many students use their phones for hours a day, but few use them to aid them in achieving their goals for raising grades. Here are two examples of how students can use their smartphones to improve their grades and overall learning experience.

Google Classroom/iTunes U/Moodle: Almost every Jesuit teacher uses one of these applications to easily distribute announcements and materials to all students without the need of paper copies. It is a requirement to receive notifications to these services on each student’s iPad; However, many students fail to realize that these services are capable of running and receiving notifications on iPhones as well. Downloading and signing into these apps will send notifications to your iPad as well as your iPhones and can be very beneficial.

Email: Another service often neglected is emails. Students can also log into their Jesuit email addresses to receive their email on their phone, keeping them as up to date as possible. Students who are not concerned about using their data can adjust their settings to “Push,” which will push the emails directly to your phone as they come.

By using the techniques, students can maximize their learning experience.