Faculty profile: Coach Giraldo

Mr. GiraldoLuke Orth ’18

Soccer has always been a large part of Strake Jesuit athletics. Throughout the years, the Crusaders soccer program has seen great success, and many students have taken part in its development. This year the soccer program welcomes a new assistant coach and alumnus from the class of 2011, Mr. Nicolas Giraldo.

During his years at Strake, Mr. Giraldo enjoyed being a part of the soccer program. He played as a striker and helped the team in scoring goals. When asked about the program during his time at Jesuit, Mr. Giraldo said that not much has changed, and that all of the coaches that trained him are still around with the same teams. The only difference being the sophomore team changing its name to the JV White team.

When it comes to training, Mr. Giraldo is impressed with some new changes, saying, “They definitely use the weight room more often. Coach Kipp has created a pretty cool lifting room for them.” However, in terms of intensity level, he believes that there is no difference since he played. When asked about the current season, Mr. Giraldo believes that both the JV Green and Varsity teams look very promising.

After helping in soccer PE during the fall semester, and assisting with the JV Green team, Mr. Giraldo has found his role as coach to be very enjoyable. When asked about his favorite parts of coaching, he said, “It’s fun and it’s an interesting perspective. I remember when I was a student and it was hard to get motivated for practice sometimes because I had just completed a full day of school and had two hours of homework waiting for me. I think it’s easier for me than for some of the other coaches to put myself in that mindset.” Mr. Giraldo’s experience with living the daily life of a Strake Jesuit soccer player is a key component of his coaching role. Just five years ago, he was training under the same coaches, during the same hours, and on the same teams as the athletes today.

Not long ago, Mr. Giraldo was a Strake Jesuit student and athlete. Today, he serves as a teacher and coach. His history provides a unique and positive outlook on the training of players and their lives as students. With his assistance, the soccer program will continue to grow and prosper.