Political clubs at Strake Jesuit

William Kallmeyer ’17

Political clubs are a very important part of Strake Jesuit. As young men, we are forming our own opinions on matters. These clubs can serve as a gateway to political life independent from adult influences such as parents.

With the upcoming presidential elections, these clubs can play a major role in how students feel about each candidate.

Strake Jesuit is blessed with three separate clubs. The Young Democrats obviously have a more progressive perspective on issues whereas the Young Republicans have a more conservative approach. The Young Independents provide a forum for students to develop their political opinions independent of any party affiliation.

These clubs are very laid back and open to anyone. Whether you’re an active participant in politics or don’t even know what a Progressive is, the SJ political clubs can offer everyone something. These clubs all have fantastic moderators who are both engaged and relaxed about how the clubs operate.

Next time you watch SJET, be sure to look for the next political club meeting. Even if you are a Republican, don’t shy away from going to a Young Democrats meeting. Perspective is something that we all need when it comes to politics.