Movie Review: John Wick

Nick Stomberg ’18

Recently, I saw John Wick, a film starring Keanu Reeves. Reeves is famous for his fast paced action movies, notably well-known for playing Neo in The Matrix franchise and is widely loved among movie fanatics. In John Wick, Reeves’ character mourns the loss of his wife from cancer. Wick had quit his thrilling life as a hitman years ago to keep his wife from danger. When a group of gang members steal his car and do him harm, he decides to get out of retirement. He hunts down the men who stole his car, and it turns out that the leader was the son of a huge organization Wick used to work for, feared by his name. John Wick kills the mob boss’s son, and the father lets him save his own life. After that the father tries to kill Wick, but in turn, Wick kills the father.

I liked the fight scenes the most because that is when he kills practically 5 men with a bottle or something ridiculous like that. There is one scene where his house is invaded, and he takes out the whole team by himself. From martial arts to guns, you will never get bored. Keanu does a great job in this role. When he gets stabbed or shot, he expresses the pain convincingly. His sorrow and seriousness throughout the movie shows his great acting skills.

If you are a fan of action-packed movies with a lot of guns, fights, and money, this is the movie for you. Sadly it is rated R, so for those who cannot see it, you are missing out. Get some friends together, and go see it. It will be the talk of the night. The movie is relatively similar to The Equalizer with Denzel Washington. If you liked The Equalizer, you will love John Wick.

After three weeks, John Wick is still only number #2 in the nation just behind Ouija. The movie grossed $15 million its second week and has put Keanu Reeves back where he should be after the mediocre earnings of 47 Ronin. It is currently rated 85% positive on Rotten Tomatoes and is given a B compared to Ouija’s C on CinemaScore.