Freshmen shine in Halloween costume contest

Dennis Fritsch ’17

On October 28, Crusader Crew had their annual Freshman Halloween Costume Contest. A few Crusader Crew members gathered a group of freshman and created good costume themes to present to the judges. All morning long the groups gathered and used items brought by the leaders to dress up their freshman to try to win the contest. When they finally finished, it was time to show off to the judges.

The freshman had a walkway to go through to display their costumes to the judges and fellow classmates. The hilarious costumes of the freshmen and their enthusiasm made the whole a event a great success.

Crusader Crew member Michael Donlon said, “It was a fun morning. The freshman came out here aggressive and wanting to have the win, the best costumes. Nothing but fun out here.”

All though it was all fun, soon it was time for the awards. Of all of the freshman groups, Gonzaga won over Regis and Xavier. Then there was individual and group awards. The Cat Herders won best overall group, but the Strake Jesuit Bowlers was the crowd favorite. The most creative was the Pope group, and the most funny was the Bowling Pins.

I caught up with Mr. Patrick about some of the groups, and he told me, “I personally thought the Pope group was the best. It was just original and hilarious. The Rockets basketball team in lay up lines was also a funny group.”

Overall it was an amazing Costume contest, but not everyone could be winners. Many walked back to school in defeat with their heads down, until they walked into the dining hall and cheered everyone up. All freshman and Crusader Crew members got to sit down and enjoy some deliciously made breakfast tacos. It was a great day for all of the freshman, and overall it was a great success. The freshman all came together and had a lot of fun, fostering closeness as a class.

For a video about the contest, click here.