Varsity Basketball Preview

Douglas Whitson ’16

It’s almost here. Basketball season is just around the corner. Official UIL practices have started, and everyone is excited to see the crusaders start playing games in early November.

This year’s team looks poised to make a run in the playoffs with several players having varsity basketball experience in their back pocket: Nate West, Jordan Pride, Derrick Alston, and William Brueggeman, all seasoned players who won’t back down from the pressure of the fast-paced and physical games. You can count on these Crusaders to play well consistently throughout the season, especially in the backcourt as West, Pride, and Brueggeman are all guards.

Don’t worry though. The team features a deep frontcourt, capable and tall. Mike Donlon will be getting big minutes this year at center. He is 6’8.” That’s all you need to know about Mike. Eje Ojo, another big man, can jump as well as anyone. He’s been dunking since his freshman year. Ojo and fellow senior postman Jason Nwachukwu play well together on the court complementing each other very well. The team also has another athletic player at the four in Bryce Piper.

A huge part of this year’s squad are the hard-working bench players such as Will Houston, Chekube Mokolo, and Stephen Donnell. Donnell is athletic and shoots the ball extremely well. Houston and Mokolo have worked extremely hard to solidify spots on the varsity roster. I’ve seen firsthand, from playing on the team for two years, just how much dedication and time these two have put in in order to play for their school.

This year’s team is a complete team. They present a lineup with players that can play every position are quite versatile. Head coach Dominic Amorosa and his staff lead the Varsity Crusaders this year hoping to make the playoffs again. Get excited for this year’s squad because they will be good. Stephen Donnell said, “We work hard as a team, and no team enjoys playing with each other more than we do. There’s no place we’d rather be.” Everyone should come to the games this year to support the Crusader basketball team. The Ignatian Nation will be loud and proud for the basketball team, just as they are for football.

Beat STH!