Fall Matthew 25 Drive Helps the Needy

Michael Donlon ’17

Every year Strake Jesuit sponsors the Matthew 25 drive, the reason the little cylinder gets passed around your class every day for a week to help raise money. Many people do not understand what the Matthew 25 drive is because we often give it little recognition. This year the Matthew 25 drive took place October 26-30, in support of the Ignacianos Por Haiti 2.0. The drive works with the Jesuit Schools Network to help these people in need.

The Fall Drive collected $3,283.53.

The Matthew 25 raised money for schools in Haiti that have been destroyed by the hurricane, supporting schools in the Foi et Joie network in Haiti. Many of these school lost a lot of their resources, such as textbooks, classrooms, and some teachers due to this terrible event. Daily help is needed for the community to recover.

Last year, Strake raised over nine thousand dollars to help support these schools. “We helped schools get the resources they needed and also helped train teachers down in Haiti to help improve the learning culture,” said Mr. D’Souza, Strake Jesuit’s Service Projects Coordinator.

In other words, the Matthew 25 drive has been very beneficial in the past and has helped many people. Everyone is encouraged to please donate to help the kids in Haiti get the education they need in order to have a better life.

This event is run by the Pastoral Ministry Center. Please direct any questions to Mr. D’Souza at rdsouza@strakejesuit.org.