As Entertainment, iFly is a Soaring Success

James Collins Davis ’18

iFLY is a new attraction sweeping the nation, even the world. iFLY is a indoor skydiving place containing a large space with a giant fan in a chamber below a safety net giving the diver the feeling of flying. People as young as 3 and as old as 103 can go and fly in this amazing place. iFLY is a fairly new attraction.

When you arrive you enter a room where you pay and decide the amount of time that you desire for flying. There are many different times that you can select with varying prices. The more time you buy the higher the price will be. Once you decide your desired time, you enter Althea room where you find a skydiving suit that fits you. It is required that every diver has a suit to ensure their safety. Once you are fitted for a suit you get a pair of goggles. The goggles help by ensuring that debris does not get in your eyes while you are flying. The goggles also allow you to see during your dive. Without the goggles you eyes would be exposed to the powerful winds causing them to dry out and would make it impossible to see. Once your fitted to your goggles and suit you can enter the waiting room. Once you enter the waiting room you have to watch an instructional video in another room. This ensures your safety and that you will be able to fly easily. Once you enter the waiting room, you can watch other divers dive.

Once your turn arrives, you will enter the wind tunnel. The tunnel feels like hurricane force winds screaming by you. It truly feels as if you are weightless, which is sometimes scary but also extremely entertaining. In the tunnel there’s an instructor that will show you how to fly. This instructor will guide you through the basics of flying. The instructor makes it very easy to fly, once you learn the basic steps you can become much better very quickly. As you learn your confidence builds allowing you to have the courage to try new things while flying.

If you become extremely good at flying you may be able to enter into one of their flying tournaments, which are very entertaining to watch and fun to compete in. The tournament allows a flyer to show off his or her skills in the tunnel and are very competitive.  These tournaments consist of multiple divers performing complicated and extremely difficult tricks, such as flips and spins with various combinations of each. In these tournaments the winner can and earn up to $2000 cash. Other prizes consist of iFLY gear and minutes in the wind tunnel.

iFLY is one of the most entertaining in new attractions available in Houston and all over the country. Interest is sure to grow in coming year