Mr. Fahy to Take Over Student Affairs

Fahy (2)


Miguel Bonilla ’17

Next year Fr. Johnson is going to take over as President of Strake Jesuit. Fr. Johnson is also stepping down from being the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Fahy, who will take over Father Johnson’s current administrative role in January.

As the new Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, Mr. Fahy will be handling tasks affiliated with with extracurricular and non-athletic programs such as theatre, band, orchestra, Magis, yearbook, and others, including clubs. Student affairs also encompasses professional services, such as the library and Counseling Department. Mr. Fahy’s task will revolve around helping these programs with their work and helping solve any problems their leaders may have. Mr. Fahy will be meeting with faculty to work on ways to improve their programs.

Having the Office of Student Affairs has been a great asset to this school. He said, “Since the office of Assistant Principal for Student Affairs has been created, we have seen a lot of growth in several student programs.”

Mr. Fahy will work to coordinate a variety of student clubs, a large responsibility. Mr. Fahy will be working with all the programs under the  Student Affairs banner to help them cooperate and communicate with each other well.

It’s a wonderful thing to have Mr. Fahy help with all these programs with the intent of supporting students as they develop their own unique interests at Strake Jesuit. He noted, “Given my experiences moderating Debate, Magis, and Crusader Crew, I have a strong appreciation for the power of student leadership and giving students authentic ownership of student-run programs.” Mr. Fahy hopes in the future this position will give him a chance to spread the mission of trusting student leaders.