The Beginning of the 2015 Texans

Douglas Whitson ’16

The 2015 Houston Texans are currently sitting at a 1-2 record, about what the fans expected if not one win better. They played two very good teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers, in their two losses. The Chiefs’ record doesn’t reflect it, but they have a good team this year and the Panthers are undefeated through the first three games of the season. The Texans are only going improve from here, and this is why…

Yes, the Texans will probably end up going 8-8 this year. Classic Texans. But I’ll look at this as one of the many, many overly optimistic Texans fans in Houston (I’m a bit of one myself). I believe this year is a good stepping- stone for next year. Ryan Mallet will actually get some real playing time by finally starting over the old, washed up generic quarterbacks we keep picking up for some mysterious reason. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but Ryan Mallet was a stud at Arkansas. He picked apart defenses, including my beloved LSU Tigers. If his increasing experience can translate to any of the college Ryan Mallet, you’re looking at a completely different Texans team. We also have arguably the best young wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins (not counting Odell Beckham Jr.) in the NFL. He will help Mallet’s progression as a starting quarterback. Also, the lord and savior of Texans offense for the past five years is back from injury, Arian Foster. He may not play against the Falcons, but he most likely will be ready for the game against Indianapolis the following week. He’ll probably get hurt again within the next few weeks because he’s as injury prone as Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming combined, but he’ll be the go-to-guy on offense for however long he’s back. He’ll take a lot of the pressure off Mallet as well.

J.J. Watt and the Texans defense hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts so far, but the Milkman will get that D back to one of the best in the league soon enough. We have good players on defense, fact. I doubt we’ll be able to slow down Julio Jones and the red hot Falcons, but they’ll get their mojo back against a struggling (and I mean STRUGGLING) Andrew Luck and his Colts. Both games against the Jags and Titans should be easy wins for the Texans this year as they are every year. Expect J.J. Watt to welcome Marcus Mariota to the NFL even though it’ll be week eight by the time we play them.

All in all, the overly optimistic Texans fans should look forward to the 2015 Texans. “They will 100% no doubt make the playoffs and win the division this year. I bet $500 on Fanduel that they’ll make it to the Super Bowl,” says one of these fans, Samuel Kretzschmar. 14-2?