New Teacher Profile: Katie Burke

William Kallmeyer ’17

Here at Strake Jesuit, we make sure everyone feels like a part of our community, and that includes teachers.

Miss Katie Burke is a first-year teacher here at Jesuit. Through this article I hope you will discover something new about this great addition to the Theology Department.

As a student of Miss Burke, I can say that so far she is a great fit for our community. I really enjoy having her as a teacher. I conducted a short interview with Miss Burke and gathered some information to help everyone get to know her.

When asked about her likes and dislikes from her experience at Jesuit so far, Miss Burke responded by saying she, “enjoyed all the great discussions she was having with students during class,” and that she was a fan of the challenging environment at Jesuit.

Miss Burke admits that during high school, she had crossed being a theology teacher off her career list. However, during her college experience, she realized this would be great fit for her in terms of what kinds of questions she wanted answered.

Miss Burke claimed that a big role model she had was her high school history teacher. She said that this teacher, “brought enthusiasm to the classroom and was constantly complementing the students on their work ethic.” It is interesting how she described this teacher because she  brings the same qualities to her classroom.

Another one of her role models was Fr. John Cavena, a Jesuit at Boston College, whom she got to know while she was studying there.

Finally, I asked Miss Burke if she had any advice for Strake Jesuit theology students. Her response was that we should get into the habit of loving one another.

My interview with Miss Burke was brief, but it was clear that she will make a great contribution to our community.