Artist Spotlight: Mac DeMarco

Jack Brown ’17

Releasing his first album in 2012, Rock and Roll Night Club, Mac DeMarco has grown as an artist through two other critically acclaimed albums, 2 and Salad Days, released in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Another One,  DeMarco’s newest album released in August of 2015, features songs that are quirky yet profound, the only way to describe his personality

The introductory song, “The Way You’d Love Her,” sets the tone for DeMarco’s album and represents his feelings of uncertainty, which continue throughout his other songs, notably “Another One” and “No Other Heart.” DeMarco uses these songs to describe how his life is passing by in front of him and how he needs to remember to look back on what he has already done. The slower cadence and rhythms of this album contrast his previous release Salad Days, showing a greater effort by DeMarco to reflect seriously on his life thus far.

Fitting into the indie rock genre is a difficult task because of the variety of sounds, lyrics, and themes of the songs falling under this category. DeMarco, while defined as an indie rock musician, falls into his own category of this genre and continues to provide uniqueness and individuality through his music. One example is how DeMarco is known to use older recording devices so the sound created isn’t flawless. This unique way of recording sets Mac apart from other musicians, further promoting the themes of his songs and creating a distinctive experience for his listeners.