Cheers To Toyota Center’s New Wings and Waffle Fries

Nicholas Skoumpourdis ’15

Here’s a scenario for you; you walk into Toyota Center, music blasting, Red Rowdies cheering, ticket scanners beeping… If you’re a Rockets fan, this is music to your ears. What is that grumbling you feel inside of your stomach? Aside from your hunger to see those Rockets bring back a third championship, you could also use a bite to eat. However, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a hamburger the consistency of a hockey puck. Luckily, Mr. Leslie Alexander, the owner of the Rockets, has heard your pleas for a new age of in-stadium dining, giving you a sucker punch of flavor right in the mouth. What are some of those things, you ask? Just like Aladdin showed Princess Jasmine a whole new world, I’m gonna show you a whole new world of stadium food. Being a Rockets season ticket holder, I’ll tell you some of my personal favorites… I hope your arteries are clear.

Nachos, anyone? Hold on, hold on… I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t that trashy Rico’s brand chili and cheese squirted out of a gun. Who are we, the Dallas Mavericks? How do Turkey Molé Nachos sound to you? As I was watching the Rockets casually tear apart the San Antonio Spurs, I indulged in some nachos that you can’t really find in any other stadium. The molé was second to none, and it was really unique trying this on tortilla chips rather than just having it as a regular dish. If you are a nacho guy when it comes to Rockets games, get a little adventurous and get the Turkey Molé Nachos.

Hey, you! Yeah you… You look like you need some chicken wings. No, not the orange, vinegary style wings that burns the insides of your hangnails… I’m talking about Vietnamese style wings. Living in Houston all my life, I’ve learned to embrace Vietnamese food with open arms. Seeing as how Toyota Center is paying a tribute to that really makes you feel like a true Houstonian. The sweet and spicy of these wings don’t really make you think of a teriyaki wing; the taste is truly unique. I’m not much of a runny sauce guy when it comes to wings, so seeing as how the sauce was really sticking on the wings made the whole wing-eating experience a lot better.

Okay, maybe you’re really hungry, but you don’t have a twenty on you. Here’s what you gotta do… Get the chili and cheese waffle fries. I know, I know… I’ve been giving chili and cheese a bad rap lately. But, this works perfectly with this dish. For just a (I can’t believe I’m saying this) LOW price of seven dollars, you can get a packed bowl of potatoes, meat and cheese. There’s no unique flavor to this, but it’ll be sure to satiate the hunger in your stomach, giving you the energy you need to cheer on your Houston Rockets.

There are countless numbers of new food items at Toyota Center, but I just felt compelled to share just a few of these tantalizing new options. Once again, if you try any of these, feel free to send me your feedback at or on the MAGIS Twitter @MAGISsj