#1 Mississippi State Bulldogs Seek Revenge On SEC

Ben Haynes ’15

Before the start of the season, If I had predicted that Mississippi State would be undefeated, atop the SEC West, and sitting number 1 in the AP Top 25 through week 8, people would call me crazy.  There’s no way they can outduel the power houses of LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn, right?  Wrong.  The Bulldogs are the most dominant team in college football at the moment.  What’s the secret ingredient Coach Dan Mullen? It’s Revenge.

Mississippi State is made up of a bunch of no name recruits and walk-ons who were shunned away by the big name SEC programs.  These players were told that they were too small, too slow, or too weak to play at the college level.

The Alabama’s, LSU’s, and Auburn’s seek to sign strictly the four and five star recruits because of sheer talent and expect to win football games.  Mississippi State preaches that winning football games is a lot more than being the most talented; rather, it is putting all emotion and dedication into each particular game.  Sure, you must be a skilled football player, but at the college level, it is difficult to differentiate four stars between three stars.  Mississippi State has proven to be successful with the “lack of talent” they have, according to the recruiting experts.

The Bulldogs seek revenge on the power houses of the SEC.  They have already handily destroyed LSU, A&M, and Auburn, and Alabama is up next.  With the success of their star-studded quarterback, Dak Prescott, and their solid defense, Mississippi State is looking to be quite the “power house” heading into the new four-team playoff system.