Mr. Jerry Crist’s Contributions to SJ Bring Success to Debate, School

Will Ledig ’17

This week’s unsung hero is a religious, humble, and honorable man who devotes his precious time to the betterment of the young men on the Strake Jesuit debate team – Mr. Jerry Crist.

Mr. Crist has been the head debate coach at Strake Jesuit for 15 years. He has devoted countless hours of free time traveling with and supporting the debate team that he could have spent with his family instead. It is because of his contributions to the program that the Strake Jesuit debate team has reached unprecedented levels of success in recent years, with our team currently ranked 6th in the country, as well as 1st in the state of Texas in theLincoln Douglas debate.

His effort and dedication allows Strake Jesuit to send numerous debaters all over the country to compete in prestigious tournaments.

Many students do not realize the amount of sacrifices that Mr. Crist makes in order for others to obtain success, making him a true unsung hero.