Destiny Grosses $500 Million On Day 1, Visually Stunning

Nicholas Stomberg ’18

I recently downloaded Destiny for the Xbox One and I have to say it’s unlike any other game. Imagine combining the top selling games in the world all into one game. Its a FPS that cost a staggering $500 million to create compared to the movie Titanic which cost $200 million. Its “destined” to make profits, raking in $500 million on the first day of sales. Users report that the game is visually stunning with its beautiful alien worlds and great challenges. If you have ever played Borderlands, you know how addicting video games like this can be.

In Destiny you are a “Guardian” of the last city on Earth. You can travel anywhere in the solar system with places like the large deserts in Mars to the rainforests and jungles on Venus. You fight a war with your ghost, collecting weapons and armor. There are also close combat multiplayer situations where you are able to level up your character and use special abilities to eliminate the other team. Become a hero and savior of the solar system in Destiny.