MAGIS Launches Website

MAGIS, the student newspaper of Strake Jesuit College Prep, has completed its goal of revolutionizing itself into an up-to-date, functioning website. It has been a goal for MAGIS to accomplish this feat for several years now. The staff and Mr. Chris Gattis (MAGIS moderator) tackled the task of propelling MAGIS into a future of exciting things for the journalism program here at SJ as well as the SJ community.

The new website will involve several features common to contemporary online news: videos, podcasts, and blogs, just to name a few. The new website is incredibly dynamic in that it accomplishes a variety of tasks ranging from articles on current public policy and world affairs to a Houston-specific blog and many “Around SJ” features. This website provides something for everyone, but if you think we can do more, or in a new way, join the MAGIS staff and you can cover it. MAGIS is ecstatic for the launch of blogs. It provides a very unique perspective of things as it is told directly through the view of the students. Inside the MAGIS walls there is an aura of exuberance.

Not only does the website provide a lot of new changes and different aspects to newspaper but the inner workings have a lot of changes as well. The new staff structure provides an innovative system allowing for up-to-date, current articles. The issue of past-relevance publishing will be resolved with updates as they happen to keep you informed on all fronts. Articles will be published every Tuesday and Thursday with daily updates containing SJ athletic and extracurricular updates. Student blogs will update every week as well.

On behalf of the MAGIS staff, I would like to thank Mr. Gattis, Mr. John Fahy, Mr. Chris Cole, and Fr. Jeff Johnson, S.J. for all of their help in this endeavor.  

Kind regards,

Sydney Robinson ‘15 (EIC)