SJ Chess Club Thrives

Quinten Bright ‘19

Like many high schools across America, Strake Jesuit has a school-sanctioned, student-run chess club.

For at least one Chess Club members, however, chess is not just a school activity, but part of a generational tradition. “I started learning how to play chess when I was around five years old, and I started to compete in tournaments when I was in the 6th grade,” said Chess Club member Leo Tulod. “My dad taught me how to play and his dad taught him. Chess was always something that was taught in my family and I grew up surrounded by people who knew how to play.”

But this doesn’t mean that only chess experts can join the club. You don’t even really have to know how to play. “The chess club is open to anyone who has an interest in the game. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, as long as you like chess we’ll have something for you,” explained Leo.

The members of our Chess Club not only play the game but also learn how to play it well. “We analyze different types of openings, positions, and endgames,” Leo stated. “We know this is crucial to improving and aiding our understanding of the game. We teach and learn from one another, which helps us become a better club overall.”

When our Chess Club members are ready, they test their skill by competing in tournaments against other schools. As Leo said, “We’ll continue to work hard and get better as individuals and as a team in preparation for state. The chess club will continue to compete in more and more tournaments and matches against other schools. We’ll continue to win and represent our school with pride, which hopefully will help the chess club grow in both its members and popularity.”